2019 End of Year Roundup

2019 was a year of new music, passion projects, and experimentation!

ONE ART, the project I started in 2014 with my company Femme Lunatique Productions, continues to evolve, with a new song setting added to the mix, the premiere performance of a ‘recital’ version of the piece, and the London premiere of the monodrama at the Tête à Tête opera festival:

‘This was brilliant! I really loved how you – with well-judged amounts of humour and pathos – told this story.’


‘Fantastic show, perfect marriage of form and content, and I loved your voice. A pitch-perfect lightness of touch that was devastatingly poignant.’


‘Wonderful…a great achievement.’

I participated in passion projects of some of my colleagues and friends, most notably Wonder Woman by Jamie Moore, which garnered this notice:

‘A song cycle written by Jamie [Moore], performed by the ensemble and sung by Laure Meloy…a soprano with an open, expressive face, and an off centre stage presence…she was never less than engaging. A tremendous singer…the audience were held, almost not daring to breathe. The contrast of a trained soprano and a jazz(y) backing is something I’ve seldom encountered, and it’s sensationally successful, certainly on this occasion.’


Other appearances were as soprano soloist in the Icon Theatre Chatham Witch site-specific performance piece, and leading a panel discussion about opera and gender balance, as part of the inaugural Fat Lady Opera mini-festival.

My development as a Wagnerian is gaining traction, with contracts for 2020, 2021, and 2022 (Brünnhilde, Ring Cycle) in the works and a London concert planned for next July, ‘Heroic Voices’.

All the best for the holidays and a very happy New Year!

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