From Aïda to Zaïde: scribblings of a mad soprano

If you are a follower of this blog, you might be interested to know that I have taken the most popular entries, added a few (well quite a lot really) more stories and detail, and turned it into a book:

Funny things do happen on the way to the opera house… In ‘Scribblings of a Mad Soprano’ Laure Meloy documented her years as an opera professional. In this book she shares with us the personal stories that audiences rarely get to hear. From A to Z, we find out what happens on the other side of the stage door.

Advance orders are being taken ahead of the official launch date of 16 November 2020. Click HERE

‘Love the whole concept…found it very informative and touching.’

‘You look fabulous in all your different costumes!’

‘It is wonderful!’

‘Wow, what a great story! Your writing just made it come to life… I can feel my heart bouncing!’

‘Well said… Clearly a not-so-mad soprano!’

‘Wow…That view of the Metropolitan Opera looks awesome.’

‘Great article Laure. I didn’t think I liked opera… I was captivated.’

‘Yes! “Opera is not for everyone, but rather it is for ANYONE” Love it.’

‘So enjoyed your energy and wit…’

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