Objects & Apparitions

If you have followed the progress of our previous project, One Art, then the next phase, Objects & Apparitions will be familiar territory. If not – fear not – you can still enjoy this interpretation of Elizabeth Bishop’s life story without going back through the previous work.

One Art, the cabaret/opera monodrama, featured one performer portraying Elizabeth Bishop, reading her poetry and correspondence, and singing original settings of her poetry by composer Paula Kimper (you can read about the process of creating this piece here and here, if you are so inclined.)

Objects & Apparitions: the art of being Elizabeth Bishop, takes this concept and divides the role of Bishop among several performers, adding a narrator, sound effects, and incidental music in a recorded, podcast/radio drama format. The introduction of many ‘Elizabeths’ rather than one, highlights the universal nature of Bishop’s poetry and biography, as well as reflecting her own feelings of alienation; our performers have transnational connections and experiences, having moved countries, continents, multiple times and possessing multiple citizenships. Each of us is Elizabeth Bishop, and Elizabeth Bishop is all of us.

The podcast will begin on 25 January 2022, with interviews, episodes, and guest episodes released every fortnight.

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