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‘…ma i famosi versi di Ariel “those are pearls that were his eyes”, che nella voce cangiante, e brillante nonché calda, di Laure Meloy, affascinanoquanto la parte nella foresta delle illusioni, quando i suoni di Adès diventano misterici come nella sua Polaris, e troviamo finalmente un suono che ci rapporta all’esoterismo connaturato della Tempesta del Bardo.’

(…in Ariel’s famous lines ‘those are pearls that were his eyes,’ which in the alternately brilliant and warm voice of Laure Meloy, fascinate like a glimpse into an enchanted forest, and Adès’ sonorities become as mysterious as those in his ‘Polaris’, we at last find a sound that relates to the esotericism inherent in the Bard’s Tempest.)

Livia Bidoldi,

‘…de erőlködés és technikai problémák nélkül győzte a koloratúr „tűzijátékokat”, jól visszaadva egyben a figura játékosságát is.’

([Laure Meloy] sang the coloratura “fireworks” effortlessly and with no technical problems, and portrayed the playful character very well.)

The Tempest, Hungarian State Opera

‘Ariel, the mischievous sprite at Prospero’s beck and call, is a tour de force role that calls for supersonic hissy-fits above high C – the sonic embodiment of a musical tempest. During the overture, she begins the opera in pantomime, encouraging a rowdy crowd on their enchanted isle to toss around confetti and other detritus as their first act of tempest-in-a-teapot. Soprano Laure Meloy is astounding in her performance as Ariel, a role that’s a brilliant stroke from Adès’ pen. He has created a serious competitor for Mozart’s Queen of the Night. In this production, Ariel is an airborne theremin, a fireball of fioritura and a squeaky Scarbo flitting about on pulleys and wires. Needless to say, she’s a scene stealer and on this particular evening, the object of fascination by a bevy of equally squealy teenaged girls in the audience.’

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Murderous Mothers & Other Myths


English Touring Opera
Spring 2014, 13 February – 31 May
Laure will be singing the roles of Hecuba, Queen of Troy in King Priam and Queen of Night in Magic Flute. All dates and venues can be seen on ETO’s website:
Hecuba and Queen of Night are mythological mothers who value ambition over maternal instincts, with dramatic results, and dramatic music to match. King Priam opened at the ROH Linbury Studio Theatre on 13 February (all performances at the Linbury are sold out) and Magic Flute opens at the Hackney Empire in March. Both operas will then tour until the end of May.



Thank you so much for your fabulous concert today!
A great, enchanting way to begin the evening! Magical & beautiful!

‘O Brave New World: songs from an enchanted island’, a programme of songs and arias by Thomas Adès, Benjamin Britten, Dominick Argento, and Jonathan Dove, interwoven with readings from Shakespeare and W H Auden’s The Sea and the Mirror, was performed at the Canterbury Festival in October 2013, and in January 2014 at St. Pancras Church, London. Excerpts from the programme were presented at the Beaney Museum, Canterbury in December, and at the HOT Club Cabaret, Islington in May.

Perfectly conceived and performed! Sensational!!
Thank you once again for your electrifying performance this afternoon.