Enjoying the journey 

I am writing this in the middle of a ridiculously complicated logistical funfair of a trip. (A not uncommon occurrence in the life of an opera singer.)Offered a hearing at a decent mid-level European opera house the DAY AFTER a performance in one of the western-most corners of the U.K., I said, well yes, of course I’ll be there!!

One advantage of this kind of impossible scheduling is that I can focus my nerves on actually GETTING there rather than on the performance or the audition. Audience rather small? Nobody bought my CD? So what! I did it, I got there, sang the blummin’ thing, AND made it to the station in time for my train to the airport! Success!

Another (slightly less cynical) positive is that I can choose to treat the whole thing as a mini adventure. For three days, I am the mad diva, dropping in on audiences far and wide and moving on. Also, that wild western corner of Britain is very pretty, the people were friendly, my hosts picked me up from the station, fed me, and generally treated me like an honoured guest. A lovely couple in the audience once lived in the European city I am flitting off to, and tell me all the beautiful sights that await me there. 

And, no matter what goes right or wrong musically, I will eventually get to stumble home to my family (and with some good stories to tell.)

p.s. Edited after I arrived safely home…

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